Elected New Democrats talk Trump, NAFTA, border

Federal, provincial members try to get in front of possible shifts in U.S.


Windsor-Essex NDP representatives met Friday to unify their positions and plot strategies on issues of trade and the American border.

[...] Another issue facing Windsor is the potential renegotiation of NAFTA. After meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump said that NAFTA needed "tweaking" without going into specifics.

But Ramsey, who is also the federal trade critic, said that a NAFTA renegotiation might not be all bad news.

"When we're looking at NAFTA, we have to look at where we can see some improvements," said Ramsey. "The original NAFTA had an environmental and labour agreement that sat separately. Those should be entrenched into the main agreement."

But when it comes to a possible "tweaking" or renegotiation, "jobs are top of mind," according to Ramsey, saying it's possible that changes to the trade agreement could affect local dairy farmers and manufacturers.

"A lot of jobs are tied to the U.S.," Ramsey said. "We want to ensure that we don't see job losses as a side-effect of this tweaking."

- Maggie Parkhill, Windsor Star (Feb. 17, 2017)

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