Gas Price Gouging Motions

NDP Innovation, Science and Economic Development Critic, Brian Masse MP (Windsor West) has tabled legislation that would regulate and protect consumers gas price gouging.

First, he introduced motion (M-3) that would create a Petroleum Monitoring Agency:

 “That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) create a petroleum monitoring agency with a three-year mandate to collect and disseminate, on a timely basis, price data on crude oil, refined petroleum products, and retail gasoline for all relevant North American markets; (b) in consultation with stakeholders from the petroleum sector (the “majors“, the “independents“, and consumer groups), appoint a director who would lead this agency; (c) require the agency to report to Parliament on an annual basis on the competitive aspects of the petroleum sector in Canada; and (d) request that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Natural Resources, Science and Technology review the agency's performance and the need for an extension of its mandate following the tabling of the agency's third report.”

In addition, he introduced a motion calling for the creation of an Office of an Oil and Gas Ombudsman who would deal directly with Canadian consumer complaints and be allowed to investigate.  The Office of the Oil and Gas Ombudsman would create a meaningful vehicle for having complaints taken seriously, with mechanisms for investigation and remediation to help consumers fight the squeeze, and would allow cost reports to be presented weekly – independent of government  or industry intervention.

Motion 44 to create an Office of an Oil and Gas Ombudsman reads:

“That, in the opinion of the House, the government must take action to address the varying costs of oil and gas that Canadians are paying across the country, and between provinces, and create a new office for an Oil and Gas Ombudsman which would; (a) investigate complaints from Canadians regarding gouging at gas pumps and other sources of oil and gas, (b) have the ability to investigate independently and thoroughly the concerns made by Canadians, (c) be responsible for gathering and publishing a weekly petroleum inventory report modelled on the United States Department of Energy’s weekly Petroleum Status Report that would give weekly updates on refinery oil inputs and petroleum production  (d) be responsible to report to Parliament annually with an independent report about whether or not Canadians are paying too much for these products and whether the respective companies complied in full with any investigations, and, (c) work with Canadians and producers to ensure that all Canadians and communities are paying fair prices and receiving fair product amount of the gasoline and oil that they purchase.”

Please see the attachment for frequently asked questions about gas price gouging.