GM job cuts underscore NAFTA failures

In the wake of the announcement of upcoming layoffs at GM’s Ingersoll operations, New Democrats are demanding the Prime Minister intervene and explain to Canadians what he will be doing to protect good-paying Canadian jobs and how that plan will be used during upcoming NAFTA renegotiations.

“Canada’s proud auto industry is at risk and the Liberals have been missing in action when it comes to defending these jobs,” stated NDP Automotive critic, Brian Masse (Windsor West). “It is well past time for our Prime Minister to take control of his Industry Minister’s rudderless direction, put in place a National Auto Strategy and stand up for Canada.”

Over recent decades Canada’s global ranking as an automobile producer fell from 2nd to 10th – a decline that was achieved in spite of record automotive investments globally. Canada’s auto sector is the largest contributor to manufacturing GDP, employing one out of every seven Canadians directly or indirectly.

“We have an administration to the South of us demanding NAFTA renegotiations daily, while the Prime Minister’s silence is deafening,” added NDP International Trade critic Tracey Ramsey (Essex). “The Liberals have shown that they are willing to sign trade agreements that will cost tens of thousands of good-paying Canadian jobs. Canadian workers deserve a government that will fight to protect their jobs.”