Health Minister jeopardizing public healthcare

Tracey Ramsey, MP (Essex) fully supports the following statement made by NDP Health Critic, Don Davies:

“After failing to negotiate fairly to secure a new Health Accord with all provinces, the federal government is using divide and conquer tactics to pressure provincial leaders to accept their massive cuts in healthcare transfers.

This divisive approach jeopardizes the legal obligation to ensure equal health services across the country.

Just as alarming, Federal Health Minister, Jane Philpott, appears willing to compromise the values of Canada’s public healthcare system in order to make a deal with the provinces.

In November, the Minister wrote a cease and desist letter to Saskatchewan, saying the province’s MRI program “runs counter to the fundamental principles of the Canada Health Act.” But now she’s abandoned her duty to defend Canada’s public healthcare system just to get a deal with a single province.

We fear this could have detrimental impacts on healthcare across the country if similar exclusions are included in deals with other provinces.

The Liberal government has clearly given up on their attempts at collaborative federalism, and now is negotiating away its responsibility to enforce the Canada Health Act."

"New Democrats helped establish Canada’s public healthcare system.  Ramsey added, “This issue impacts the people in Essex deeply. Both locally and nationally we must defend our public health care against any government’s attempts of further privatization.”