Liberal Government to Ram CPTPP Trade Deal through Parliament

The federal Liberal government has rejected the NDP’s call to halt ratification of the job-killing CPTPP, and has used the controversial tactic of time allocation to undemocratically end Parliamentary debate on the deal’s implementing legislation, Bill C-79.

“The CPTPP will be a blow to Windsor-Essex, where people are already worried about their jobs under steel and aluminum tariffs, a shaky NAFTA renegotiation and repeated threats from the White House,” said NDP Trade Critic Tracey Ramsey (Essex).

Yesterday in the House of Commons, Ramsey moved a reasoned amendment to halt ratification of the CPTPP. Now the Liberals, joined by the Conservatives, have voted to limit Parliamentary debate and oversight of Bill C-79.

“Shame on the Liberals for rejecting calls from our region to halt the job-killing CPTPP. Not only did they ignore our calls, but now they are steamrolling it through Parliament without proper debate,” Ramsey added. “This is a sad day for our region.”