OTTAWA - New Democrats made it clear this week that it is only our party that supports real tax fairness that ensures large corporations, wealthy CEOs and those who use tax havens, pay their fair share, rather than tax measures that target our farmers and our small business owners.  

After last night’s vote in the House of Commons, New Democrats are proposing to extend the consultation period on the proposed measures from the Liberal government to ensure that they target wealthy avoiders, and not the farmers and small business owners, who are the true job creators in Canada. New Democrats are also proposing to expand those consultations to include the largest abusers of Canada’s tax system by putting the focus on big corporations, CEO tax loopholes, and tax havens.

“It is clear that Liberals and Conservatives aren’t serious about real tax fairness.  This government cannot be allowed to target our farmers and small business owners while continuing to protect their well-connected corporate friends,” said Tracey Ramsey, MP for Essex. “The hardworking, honest people in Essex are worried about their future – they are contributing members of our community and they deserve the respect and support of this government.”

Closing the CEO stock option loophole would save Canadians three times what the Liberals are proposing and cracking down on tax havens could save Canadians as much as $8 billion every year.

“Past governments have allowed the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us grow to unbelievable heights – this is unacceptable, and New Democrats have always lead the fight for tax fairness. I will continue to fight for the people of Essex. If we are going to talk about true tax fairness, let’s do this right; Liberals cannot continue to let small businesses suffer any longer,” concluded Ramsey.