Essex MP Tracey Ramsey applauds her colleague’s attempts to address ongoing price gouging at the pumps. Windsor-West MP Brian Masse, has presented two motions in the House of Commons to protect consumers at the pumps and Ramsey is in full support.

Masse currently has two motions before Parliament that would provide accountability at the pumps for consumers. First, the creation of a Petroleum Monitoring Agency would oversee gas prices across Canada and report directly to Parliament to address questions of potential gouging.


Masse is also proposing the creation of an Oil and Gas Ombudsman to investigate complaints from Canadian consumers regarding gouging, follow through with independent investigations and report back to Parliament with their findings and compliance.

"Because we live in a rural area, people in Essex generally have to travel longer distances to get to work or to buy their groceries. There is little availability for gas stations in less densely populated areas and people know that they are being taken advantage of at the pumps,” said Ramsey. “I hear from people all the time that this directly impacts their pocketbooks and quality of life and they expect their government to do something about the price gouging. The NDP has been outspoken on this issue for years and I am happy that Brian is taking the lead once again to address this problem that will only continue to worsen as summer approaches.”

MP Ramsey has also posted the text of MP Masse’s motions and the petitions he has on this issue on her website to garner support.