MP Ramsey Advocates for Action on Windsor-Essex Hum Problem

ESSEX – Upon hearing from people in the community, MP Tracey Ramsey recently took action, advocating for people in our region on the issue of the "Hum".

“The Hum has been an ongoing source of frustration and worry for people in our community, and has been ignored by successive governments for far too long,” stated Ramsey.  “I wrote the Minister of Foreign Affairs and initiated a petition to help bring this issue to the attention of the government and to finally get them to take action on this file.”

In Ramsey’s letter, she outlines key findings discovered by the Harper government in 2014 related to the source of the hum and she reiterates promises to our community made by the previous Liberal Minister to investigate the issue in 2016. In both her letter and through her petition Ramsey has requested a plan of action from Global Affairs Canada. 

“This problem continues to negatively affect the health and well-being of people in our local community and it is imperative that we work to find a solution as soon as possible,” Ramsey concluded in her letter.

Click here for a copy of her petition and please see a copy of her letter below.