MP Ramsey calls on the government to come clean on their trade priorities

Ms. Tracey Ramsey (Essex, NDP)

Mr. Speaker, the only thing the Liberals are protecting are wealthy interests.

Under NAFTA, Canada is the most sued country in the word under ISCS provisions in chapter 11. We have a progressive court system, yet we are continually forced to defend ourselves under an unfair and unaccountable process.

The Liberals cannot continue to leave Canadians in the dark when it comes to their priorities.

When will the government come clean with Canadians about their trade priorities, and move to eliminate chapter 11 from NAFTA.

Hon. Andrew Leslie (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada-US Relations), Lib,):

Mr. Speaker, as has been said on numerous occasions, we are ready to come to the negotiation table, something the previous Conservative government failed to do when it was their turn to look to NAFTA and get it going.

As we have seen, NAFTA has been modified 11 times throughout its history. The Prime Minister, all the ministers of cabinet, and indeed the entirety of the House is dedicated to the Canada-US relationship. We are going to stand up for Canadian values and our economic interests as we have always done.