MP Ramsey Pleased to See Boating Bill Move Quickly Through Parliament



June 13, 2017



OTTAWA -  MP Ramsey is pleased that Bill S-233, an Act to Amend the Customs Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is moving through the legislative process quickly and hopes it will be given Royal Assent by the end of the month.


“If Canadian boaters currently do not have the proper paperwork or they haven’t reported their activities correctly to officials, they can be subject to heavy fines - this legislation helps to eliminate these overly bureaucratic requirements and helps to streamline the Canadian and American rules,” stated Ramsey. “Essex has many kilometers of shared, international shoreline along Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair, and we rely upon our waterfront for recreation, agriculture, tourism and economic prosperity.”


Bill S-233 seeks to modernize the Canadian requirements for boaters who cross from the U.S. into Canadian waters but do not land, anchor or moor. Currently, someone out fishing or pleasure cruising who crosses into Canadian waters has an obligation to report to the Canada Border Services Agency, even if they have no intention of stopping or coming ashore.


“It’s time to remove the impractical, unnecessary reporting requirements for U.S. boaters. This is an important courtesy that we can extend to our American neighbours that will no doubt benefit Canadian boaters and communities like mine” concluded Ramsey.