June 15, 2017

OTTAWA – Tracey Ramsey, the NDP International Trade Critic and Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on International Trade requested that the committee undertake a study of factors, including unfair dumping practices, that are impacting the ability of Canada’s steel industry to compete internationally. Today in the House of Commons, Mark Eyking, MP for Sydney-Victoria and the Liberal Chair of the Committee presented the report. 

“I am proud of the work of the committee and was so happy my motion to study the Canadian Steel Industry’s contribution to our nation’s economy, which includes energy, construction and automotive manufacturing passed,” stated Ramsey.  “This study comes at a critical time for the sector, which is under attack by unfair international trade practices. A vibrant and strong Canadian steel industry has massive economic benefits in our local community”.

The main report, including the NDP’s supplementary report can be found here:

The report included topics such as foreign steel overproduction and “steel dumping”, transport infrastructure, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions, labour and innovation and Canada’s Trade Remedy System.  MP Ramsey believes the report should have gone further on five key points made by the witnesses that were not included in the main report, but that she submitted in a supplementary report to the House.  They emphasize the need for the Government of Canada to:

  • work in close partnership with the United States,
  • defend and grow Canada’s steel industry;

  • prioritize the allocation of carbon pricing revenue to help incentivize energy-intensive industries like steel to further develop low-carbon processes, technology and innovation;

  • implement measures and negotiate trade agreements that will encourage the use of domestic steel in federally funded infrastructure projects or other government procurement contracts;

  • grant labour unions an expanded role in trade remedy proceedings, including the right to file complaints; and

  • protect Canadian jobs against protectionist “Buy American” policies.

“I have worked closely with Matt Marchand, the President of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Barry Zekelman, the owner of Atlas Tube, a major regional employer in Harrow, to ensure local, Essex voices were heard in this study” said Ramsey. “The government needs to address the unfair steel dumping from China and work to swiftly strengthen our weak trade remedy system”.

MP Ramsey would also like to thank her colleague, MP Scott Duvall (Hamilton Mountain) for his support and hard work on this report.