NDP critic for International Trade, Tracey Ramsey, made the following statement:

New Democrats are cautiously optimistic about reports of an impending NAFTA agreement in principle with the United States and Mexico. Going forward, we expect full transparency from the Liberal government on the content of this agreement, as well as fulsome debate in the House of Commons. Too many Canadian jobs and communities depend on a fair and stable trading relationship with our NAFTA partners.
This government promised transparency on all trade negotiations, but to date they have failed to live up to this promise. They have also made clear commitments to make NAFTA more progressive, modern and fair. New Democrats sent their NAFTA priorities and concerns in a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on June 29, 2017, highlighting the importance of our supply managed and manufacturing sectors, strengthened labour and environmental provisions, as well as robust protection for gender and Indigenous rights. We also highlighted the dangers and costs of investor-state provisions, energy proportionality clauses, and drug patent extensions. We look forward to learning the full details of the new agreement to ensure it addresses these concerns. 
New Democrats have been at the forefront of efforts to pressure the Liberal government to protect our jobs, environment, labour standards, and market access for our many deeply integrated sectors. Long before NAFTA renegotiations began, New Democrats were concerned about the unfairness that many of the deal’s provisions represented. We know that governments of the past, Liberal and Conservative, have signed trade deals that allow those who already have a great deal of wealth, to amass and increase it. New Democrats will always fight for equity, fairness and transparency in all international trade deals.”