NDP pushes for answers after Canada-US meeting

Following formal meetings in Washington between Prime Minister Trudeau and US President Donald Trump, New Democrat MPs in Windsor-Essex are pushing for answers on the future of NAFTA and the implications of the US travel ban.

One of the key developments in the follow-up press conference was news that President Trump plans on “tweaking” the Canadian part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This new “tweaking” revelation was followed with zero detail from either party in these talks, leaving more unanswered questions for Canadians.

“People in Windsor-Essex need to know how this ‘tweaking’ will impact the thousands of jobs and families depending on our integrated border with the United States,” said Tracey Ramsey, MP (Essex) and NDP International Trade critic.

Following the meeting, a joint statement was released highlighting figures that underscore the important trade relationship between Canada and the US. Unfortunately details about potential tariffs or NAFTA renegotiations were omitted.

“Our region still has no answers on cross-border access to medical care or the full scope of the impact of the US travel ban and its effect on day-to-day operations for business,” said Brian Masse, MP (Windsor West) and NDP Innovation, Science and Economic Development critic.

“Canadians expect the Prime Minister to stand up to the Trump administration, a government that has introduced some of the most offensively regressive policies in record time,” said Cheryl Hardcastle, MP (Windsor–Tecumseh) and NDP Vice-Chair for the Subcommittee on International Human Rights. “The Prime Minister cannot turn a blind eye to these injustices.”