NDP Slams Job-Killing CPTPP Legislation

OTTAWA – Today on the first day of the fall Parliamentary session, NDP critic for International Trade, MP Tracey Ramsey (Essex), will be leading the charge against the Liberal government’s attempt to push through CPTPP implementing legislation, Bill C-79.

“It’s mind-boggling that while the Liberal government claims to be fighting for a good NAFTA deal that defends Canadian jobs, at the same time they are pushing to ratify a bad trade deal that will cost 58,000 good Canadian jobs and damage our auto and dairy sectors,” said Ramsey.

Bill C-79 is the Liberals’ first piece of legislation to be debated in the fall Parliamentary session, which begins today. If ratified, the CPTPP would lead to 58,000 job losses, damage Canada’s auto industry and supply managed sectors, and weaken rules on foreign ownership, privacy and intellectual property.

“Tens of thousands of Canadians have spoken out against this regressive, job-killing deal. It’s time the Liberals listen and start standing up for better trade agreements that put the interests of people first – including manufacturing workers, rural communities, and local and small family farms,” added Ramsey. “I’m committed to fighting for fair trade that doesn’t leave working people behind.”