NDP stands shoulder to shoulder with maritime workers' day of action

On a Day of Action organized by the Canadian Maritime & Supply Chain Coalition including workers from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada, the International Transport Workers Federation Secretariat and the Seafarers International Union at many locations nationwide, NDP International Trade critic, Tracey Ramsey (Essex) offered her full support to these actions.

Under the Canada Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), Canada will for the first time permit foreign owned vessels to transport goods between Canadian ports and will open up domestic dredging contracts to foreign suppliers. This job threatening move will open the door to the privatization of Canadian Ports which will end up costing all Canadians.

“At every opportunity, this government has shown a complete disregard for the people who work at Canadian Ports and on tankers, bulk carriers, and cargo ships,” said Ramsey. “The government rammed these changes through the entire legislative process refusing to even hear from the many expert witnesses and stakeholders wanting to address the negative impacts of CETA on Maritime jobs.”

In the wake of a year that saw no new full-time jobs created in Canada, this government is continuing on with a trade deal that will end 3,000 full-time, good paying jobs without a second thought. On top of the job losses, Canada’s ability to enforce safety and environmental standards will be diminished under CETA.

“New Democrats stand in solidarity with Maritime workers across the country and we will continue to fight for their jobs,” added Ramsey. “I am hopeful that the new Minister of International Trade will listen to reason and work to actively defend the high quality Canadians jobs that are at risk under CETA.”