NDP Agriculture and Agri-Food Critic, Alistair MacGregor, NDP Agriculture and Agri-Food Deputy Critic, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, and NDP International Trade Critic, Tracey Ramsey, made the following statement:  

“Today, we are proud to celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day. Let’s highlight the remarkable work by these men and women who, on a daily basis, provide us with fresh, local and good quality products, from farm to table. On this day, it is important to celebrate and emphasize the links between Canadians, our food, and every person who works tirelessly in this field. 
We also need to acknowledge that there is more that must be done to support this industry. Produce growers have repeatedly called for a PACA-like deemed trust for perishable goods in Canada and were surprised when the Liberals backed away from their election promise to say they wouldn’t consider implementing a similar system.
Two Parliamentary Committees - Agriculture and Finance - comprised of a majority of Liberal members, recommended a move towards a PACA-like system to this House to protect our Canadian produce growers, but the Liberals said they won’t consider it.
In order to support our produce growers, the NDP sent a joint letter to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food to reconsider their refusal of implementing a PACA-like deemed trust for perishable goods.
This government must fulfill their election promises to our family farmers and put forward bankruptcy payment protections so that those who feed our families every day can continue to afford to feed theirs. As parliamentarians, the NDP will keep working to protect our agricultural sector by giving them the best possible tools to support them in their work, day after day."