NDP Statement on Canda making dairy concessions in NAFTA

Tracey Ramsey, NDP International Trade Critic, issued the following statement:

“According to government sources as reported by the media this week, the Liberal government is set to further erode the pillars of supply management by granting the United States more access to Canadian dairy markets. I am deeply concerned that Canada is failing to defend our dairy farmers, their families, and the hundreds of thousands who depend on the dairy sector for their livelihoods.

The NDP remains steadfast in our support for preserving the integrity of Canada’s supply-managed dairy sector. Unlike the Liberals and Conservatives, the NDP believes that Canada should not have made dairy concessions in recent trade agreements. This has set the stage for President Trump to expect Canadians to make similar or even greater concessions in NAFTA.

There is no question that negotiating with Donald Trump isn’t easy. But the Liberal government cannot be bullied into a bad deal for Canadians. The Liberals must fight for what’s best for people – and there's a lot at stake. A fair NAFTA deal must support local and small family farms, as well as rural communities.”