NDP Critic for Women’s Equality, Sheila Malcolmson (Nanaimo—Ladysmith), made the following statement:

“Thanks to decades of marching, resisting, and persisting, the movement seeking equal rights for all women is stronger than ever. And whether it is #MeToo, #TimesUp or the many front-line women’s organizations leading the way towards gender equality, it is clear that strong feminists, activists and leaders across generations are courageously making real change.

For years, successive Liberal and Conservative governments have failed to act on gender equality. The current Liberal government was elected with high hopes that they enact real change on women’s issues. Now women in Canada are once again let down by a government that lacks the courage to back up their feminist rhetoric with strong policies to address systemic discrimination against women and make their lives better.

New Democrats stand with women across the country calling on the government to put its money where its mouth is, and fully fund efforts to achieve pay equity, universal affordable childcare, and an end to violence against women. Until the government removes the systemic discrimination that keeps elder women in poverty, women living with disabilities unemployed, and Indigenous women and girls murdered and missing, it cannot wear the feminist label. 

On this International Women’s Day and every other day, we will continue to celebrate women’s activism that is pushing for real change.”