NDP Critic for International Trade, Tracey Ramsey, made the following statement:

“The fourth round of NAFTA renegotiations begins today and Canadians have yet to see substantial progress on this important trade deal.

The Liberal government is failing to stand-up for Canadians against unfair tactics used by the Trump administration. The administration continues to bargain in bad faith by failing to provide clear proposals, threatening to pull out of the deal and continuing to bully our industries such as dairy, softwood and aerospace. The U.S. has also threatened to serve Canada with protectionist policies surrounding rules of origin.

Now, the Prime Minister himself is in Washington to try and save this deal. Canadians need the negotiating team to secure a strong commitment to level the playing field for working people, ensure the strong future of our supply managed sector and to maintain our ability to implement environmental policies.

It is imperative for the federal government to eliminate Chapter 11’s ISDS provisions in this round as well.  The Lone Pine Resources arbitration case currently being heard in Toronto is a perfect example of how NAFTA Chapter 11 has undermined our national sovereignty. Lone Pine is suing Canada for trying to protect our water in Quebec.

NAFTA can and must improve the lives of all North Americans, but to do so it must be transparent, inclusive and forward-looking. It must address important issues like climate change, workers’ rights, and the millions of Canadian jobs at stake. The Liberal government has the opportunity to change this key trade deal and make it about people, instead of corporate profits.” 

MP Tracey Ramsey also spoke on CBC Windsor Morning Radio, please click here to listen.