MP Ramsey Pleased to See Boating Bill Move Quickly Through Parliament


MP Ramsey to advocate for Canadian trade priorities in U.S.

NDP urges immediate support for softwood lumber workers

Liberals must come clean on softwood negotiations

Liberal softwood failure jeopardizes Canadian jobs

Trudeau M.I.A. in defending supply management

NDP statement on U.S. air strikes in Syria

Local consultations on NAFTA renegotiation

MP Ramsey wants to hear from local groups and residents on the future of NAFTA

Who is left behind by budget 2017?

Liberal budget falls short for Windsor-Essex

Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Journée internationale de la Francophonie // International Day of the Francophonie

Upcoming budget should support small business: NDP

Trudeau must stand up for Canadians dependent on U.S. work: NDP

The Liberal government must stand up for Canadians being turned away at the border who depend on work in the United States

Windsor-Essex MPs call for tax deadline extension, warn of mass Phoenix T4 issues

NDP pushes for answers after Canada-US meeting

GM job cuts underscore NAFTA failures

Tracey Ramsey elected to key caucus positions

Liberals must make Canadian jobs clear priority in relationship with Trump administration

Health Minister jeopardizing public healthcare

NDP stands shoulder to shoulder with maritime workers' day of action

Provinces reject Harper-style cuts and tactics

NDP calls on Minister Foote to defer paycheque until Phoenix is fixed

NDP statement on the situation in Aleppo

NDP MP condemns 3,000 seafarer jobs lost under CETA

Liberals must fully compensate dairy farmers for CETA losses

Liberal privatization scheme will leave Canadians paying more

Freeland must grab the opportunity to fix CETA

NDP victory: Trade committee to study steel dumping

Liberals fail to protect Canadian forestry jobs

MP Ramsey helps young Windsor activist Jada Malott voice TPP concerns directly to Prime Minister

NDP tables bill to strengthen rail safety

NDP proposes oversight on arms sales

New Democrats move to create a committee to oversee all current and future Canadian arms exports

Canadian jobs threatened with no new softwood lumber deal in sight

Economic impact study confirms TPP is a bad deal

A community victory: Windsor veterans office to reopen

Extension of deadline to submit comments on the TPP

Deadline extended to October 31, 2016

MP Ramsey particpates in national chicken recipe contest

Aims to win $10,000 for food banks in Essex

Mulcair welcomes official apology on the anniversary of the Komagata Maru tragedy

NDP outraged as Liberals take veterans back to court

Ramsey: Budget full of missed opportunities for Windsor-Essex

5 things to know about millennials & precarious work

NDP invites Canadians to share their views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Deadline for written submissions is June 30, 2016

Payment protection program needed for producers, says NDP

Canada Summer Jobs: employer applications due March 11

NDP presents anti-scab bill

NDP statement on the Zika virus outbreak

NDP calls on Liberals to reject job-killing TPP

NDP statement on Postmedia cuts

On TPP Liberals don't think better is possible

MP Tracey Ramsey delivers maiden speech in Parliament

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