Tracey pushed the government to secure a fair deal on softwood lumber

Tracey demands the government stop reviving the TPP from the dead

Tracey comdemns the government's Bill C-46 that would violate our Charter rights

Tracey debates Bill C-46 An Act to Amend the Criminal Code


Tracey calls on the government to stand up to Trump

Tracey stands up for Canadian farmers and demands answers from the Liberals

Tracey tells the government they must stand up for supply management

Tracey calls on the government to protect Canadian jobs in our auto sector

Tracey urges the government to implement universal pharmacare

Tracey pushes to protect our dairy sector in NAFTA talks

Tracey stands up for Canadian jobs on the picket line and in the House of Commons

Tracey Urges the Government to get a Commitment from China to Stop Unfair Steel Dumping

Tracey Advocates for Take Back the Night and Stands Up Against Gender-Based Violence

Tracey Calls on the Liberals to Make Real Progress on Workers' Safety and Income Fairness

Tracey Honours Constable Robert Carrick

MP Ramsey and MP Brosseau Call on the Liberals to Protect Jobs in Trade Negotiations

Tracey urges the government to protect our water

Tracey Calls on the Government to Fix Pheonix

Tracey Calls on the Government to put People Over Profit in NAFTA Talks

Tracey Stands Up for Unifor Local 88, GM CAMI Ingersoll

Tracey calls on Government to protect jobs in NAFTA talks

Tracey stands up to protect the Canadian steel industry

Tracey calls out the government for not closing the deal on NAFTA

Tracey Questions Trudeau on Protecting Dairy Sector in NAFTA Renegotiations


MP Ramsey calls on the government to come clean on their trade priorities

MP Ramsey pushes the government to protect good Canadian jobs and labour standards (June 12, 2017)

Tracey Ramsey thanks the Windsor-Essex emergency medical services team

Tracey appeals for Lake Erie investments

Minister must protect Canadian jobs in NAFTA renegotiations

Tracey urges changes to Canada-US boating rules (Bill S-233)

Tracey Ramsey supports Essex wineries

Tracey Ramsey urges opioid resources for rural communities

Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Tracey calls on Liberals to support workers in softwood lumber fight

Tracey supports NDP motion on tax fairness

Tracey urges Minister to lower small business tax rate

Instead of honouring election promise, Minister says promise was just a sound bite

Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

Speech at third reading calling for human rights assessment

Tracey asks government for immediate action on opioids crisis

MP Ramsey debates Canada's response to Trump's immigration ban

NDP MP condemns 3,000 seafarer jobs lost under CETA

Tracey calls for a National Auto Strategy

Tracey asks why Liberal budget ignores farmers (Mar. 24, 2016)

Statement in the House of Commons on International Women's Day

Tracey asks about ISDS in CETA and TPP

Tracey's Speech on Making EI Work For Canadians

Tracey raises concerns about the impact of the TPP on Canadians

Tracey speaks on NDP motion for pay equity legislation

Question on the Legtimacy of TPP Consulations

Statement on women seeking employment equity

Tracey Asks Why the TPP is Being Signed with no Impact Study

Question about temporary foreign worker loopholes in the TPP

Tracey Asks about a TPP Impact Study

Supporting small business job creation

NDP calls on Liberals to reject job-killing TPP

Tracey Questions the Government's Plan to Sign the TPP

MP Tracey Ramsey delivers maiden speech in Parliament

Statement celebrating local farmers in Parliament

Tracey Questions the Government on TPP