LONDON – New Democrats are calling on the Liberal government to stand up for Canadians by protecting manufacturing jobs in Ontario. Renewed calls for action follow the CAMI strike happening in Ingersoll, where workers’ jobs are currently threatened with relocation to Mexico.
“The jobs that are at risk are important jobs, important to the region and very important to families who depend on them. These good jobs need to be kept in Ontario,” said NDP MP Irene Mathyssen (London – Fanshawe). “Over 400 jobs have already been lost as well as one production line and now a second one is at risk. Yet, the Liberals are still missing in action. This is unacceptable.”
As NAFTA renegotiations are currently underway with the United States and Mexico, Canadians are concerned they could see further impacts on manufacturing jobs if the Liberals fail to stand up to protect jobs and Canada’s strong labour standards.

“This strike at CAMI is a direct symptom of NAFTA unfairly forcing workers to fight against the relocation of their jobs to low-waged jurisdictions in Mexico and in the US," added NDP International Trade Critic Tracey Ramsey (Essex). "The Liberal government continues to state that NAFTA creates stable jobs in Canada, but CAMI workers know this to be untrue. It is unacceptable that workers have to show up to the picket line instead of having an ally in their government."
Both Mathyssen and Ramsey have sponsored parliamentary petitions for CAMI workers and have or will present them it in the House of Commons this week.