Ramsey: Budget full of missed opportunities for Windsor-Essex


Canadians had high expectations for yesterday’s Liberal budget, but what they got instead were missed opportunities to tackle inequality and backtracking on key commitments.

"Families in Essex are worried about their jobs and struggling to make ends meet – but this budget told them they would have to wait longer for help," said NDP MP Tracey Ramsey (Essex). "The government missed an opportunity today to really deliver change.”

The Liberal budget failed to make promised investments to improve homecare access for seniors, restore home mail delivery or lower the small business tax rate. The government also continued the longstanding Liberal and Conservative practice of raiding the EI fund – taking almost $7 billion contributed by workers and businesses and using it for general government revenues.

"I’m pleased that community pressure led to the promised reopening of the Veterans Affairs office in Windsor," noted Ramsey. "However, family farmers are hurt by Liberal inaction on PACA or CETA compensation. This budget also missed a key opportunity to fix problems with the Automotive Innovation Fund."

"Every budget is about choices," concluded Ramsey, "And Liberals have chosen tax breaks to CEOs and profitable corporations over helping seniors, farmers, and the unemployed."