Statement in the House of Commons on International Women's Day

Mr. Speaker, today we celebrate International Women's Day, a global day recognizing the economic, political, and social achievements of all women.

Since the first International Women's Day in 1911, women have fought to achieve greater equality. However, there is still much work to be done as Canada has fallen to number 30 in the global gender parity rankings.

Women are still not paid equally compared to their male counterparts and are still under-represented in business and politics. Globally, women's education, health, and the violence women face is still worse than that of men.

I am humbled to stand in this place following in the footsteps of all the women parliamentarians who have served our country. They have fought to ensure that the 88 women who serve in this Parliament can accurately reflect women's diverse interests, voices, and experiences.

Women and girls are deeply impacted by poverty, climate change, food insecurity, economic crises, and the lack of affordable child care.

The achievement of full human potential and of sustainable development is not possible if one half of humanity continues to be denied its full human rights and opportunities.