NDP International Trade Critic and MP for Essex, Tracey Ramsey, made the following statement:


“New Democrats have long been concerned by the secrecy shrouding the TransPacific Partnership negotiations and despite promises by the Liberal government to be transparent on trade deals, the Liberals continue to give Canadians vague updates and mixed messages.


Today, there are confusing and contradictory reports coming out of Vietnam, saying the 11 TPP countries have come to an agreement in principle, however Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister of Trade Champagne are saying there is no deal. So which is it?  Canadians need and deserve a clear and definitive answers.


In many conversations with the Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce who have been one of the leading voices in Canada when it comes to advocating for fair and managed trade agreements, they are concerned that the proposed TPP-11 would provide incentive for jobs and investment to move to lower cost jurisdictions. In fact they suggest that the auto related component of TPP-11 be suspended until the results of a modernized NAFTA is fully understood and more industry consultation can occur.


New Democrats are happy to see the Liberals pursuing progressive aspects such as the environment, gender and labour rights in this deal.  These chapters need to be part of every international trade agreement, however we have not seen what measures the Canadian government has put in place and we must question the government’s omission of Indigneous rights, in this deal. Why are Indigenous people not at the table?


People from Windsor/Essex, and Canadians across the country have told this government that they do not want this bad trade deal. It makes no sense for the Prime Minister to continue this culture of secrecy on a deal that Canadians themselves have clearly said they do not want.  The TPP-11 must ensure auto-related provisions are addressed in a manner which will result in fair and meaningful access.


We know the TPP is a bad deal that will kill good-paying Canadian jobs. Canadians can trust New Democrats to continue to stand up to defend working people, push for transparency and ensure all Canadian voices are not only heard, but listened to respectfully.”