Tracey appeals for Lake Erie investments

Tracey Ramsey (Essex):

Madam Speaker, Canada is refusing to even match the U.S. investments in protecting the Great Lakes. People in my riding of Essex are concerned about the complete silence from the Liberal government when it comes to the water quality of Lake Erie. Algae blooms are negatively impacting the health of the lake, which our communities rely on for commercial fishing, tourism, and drinking water. Lake Erie has been in crisis before and deserves urgent protection to protect it now.

The health of our communities is directly tied to the health of our lakes. Will the Liberals step up and take a leadership role in protecting our treasured freshwater Great Lakes?

Jonathan Wilkinson (North Vancouver):

Madam Speaker, we on this side of the House agree very much with many of the comments that were made by the hon. member. The Great Lakes are an incredibly important resource for many, both in Canada and the United States. It is an important recreational area for many people in Canada and the United States.

Some of the environmental challenges that exist in the Great Lakes, which have existed for some time, are very significant. In budget 2017, we saw a significant expansion in funding going toward the Great Lakes to address issues such as phosphorus and nitrogen runoff which are causing some of the algae blooms that are particularly problematic in Lake Erie. We are committed to addressing the problems in the Great Lakes.