Tracey Asks Why There is No Plan for Canadian Workers

Ms. Tracey Ramsey: Mr. Speaker, the workers know that the Liberals have not yet met with them since these tariffs went on.

    We are talking about the livelihoods of at least 50,000 workers employed directly by the steel and aluminum industries and all those who depend on them. Trump's tariffs have already started affecting the lives of workers and communities that simply cannot wait for support from their government.

    The government says it was prepared for the worst case scenario. If that is true, then why is the government not telling workers what its plan is to protect Canadian jobs? Where is the plan?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, within hours of the U.S. government imposing these new tariffs on steel and aluminum, we had a clear response worth $16.6 billion on steel, on aluminum, and other products coming into Canada from the United States. We have been working on contingency plans and I can tell you, Mr. Speaker, and all Canadians that we will be there to support and stand with our aluminum and steel workers. That is what I told them across the country when I was visiting with them. That is what I continue to tell them as I speak to them across the country through their leadership and the media.