Tracey calls on the government to tell Canadians when a fair NAFTA deal will be reached

Ms. Tracey Ramsey (Essex, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the uncertainty that Canadians businesses and workers are feeling has reached a tipping point. We are now hearing from media leaks that NAFTA countries are aiming to sign an agreement in principle that focuses on the auto sector before the end of this month. However, rumours are not enough. Can anyone even tell us what an agreement in principle is?

    People need to know that their jobs are safe. When will the Prime Minister tell Canadians when a fair deal will be reached, or will they continue with the same level of secrecy on trade agreements that we saw with the Conservatives?

    Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I am happy to answer the member opposite's question on what an agreement in principle is. It is great to see the NDP members taking an interest in trade deals, because we know that trade is good for growing the economy.

    When we actually move forward on an agreement on principle, it is because we have gotten the broad strokes agreed to on the trade agreement, and it means we will be able to move into the legal scrub, which is the next step to make sure that they all connect properly.

    We are working very hard on signing and improving NAFTA. We are glad that the NDP is taking an interest.