Local NDP MPs Cheryl Hardcastle (Windsor-Tecumseh), Brian Masse (Windsor West) and Tracey Ramsey (Essex) join Canadian small business owners in celebrating Small Business Week and welcome the recent decision of the Liberal government to revise its proposed tax reforms and fulfill their campaign promise to lower the small business tax rate. 


“Our communities are truly enriched by the hard work and contributions from the thousands of small business owners and farming families in Windsor and Essex,” said MP Ramsey. “I was happy to see the Minister of Finance back down from the unfair Liberal tax plans after we addressed this issue in our letter from September 5, 2017”.


“After significant pressure from the NDP and the small business community the Liberal government has finally honoured their promise to cut the small business tax rate,” said MP Masse.” Our small businesses are the backbone of our economy and New Democrats are proud to work constructively with these hard working people who provide jobs and help stimulate growth”.


“I am pleased for the sake of our small business communities that we’ve made the Liberals move on their promise to lower the small business tax rate,” said MP Hardcastle. “Let’s remember – this was a clear campaign commitment that they reneged on for two years, and they won’t fully meet that promise until the next election year in 2019. It’s just too bad that it took a national campaign from the NDP and the small business community to get the Liberals to follow through on a commitment that they themselves made to Canadians.”


New Democrats in Windsor and Essex are committed to fighting against unfair government proposals and actions, protecting the small businesses and farming families, and ensuring they are provided with the supports that they need to succeed and prosper.


Hardcastle, Masse and Ramsey concluded by saying, “We will be keeping a close eye on all developing changes to ensure small businesses and farming families continue to thrive in Windsor and Essex.”