Dear Friends,


As the Vice-Chair on the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade, I would like to ask all interested parties to contribute to the work of my committee. The committee adopted a motion to study ways in which the Government of Canada can help Canada’s small and medium-sized firms to pursue international trade opportunities.


I am very interested in hearing from local small and medium sized businesses and organizations about how to capitalize on the opportunities that new markets – like those resulting current trade agreements, as well as emerging and other markets – may provide. Also of interest are limitations on these firms’ and groups’ ability to maximize the Government of Canada’s assistance designed to help them benefit from trade opportunities.


Your local voice is key – you have the “on-the-ground experience” on this issue and I want this valuable information to be heard by the committee and to be included in our report to the government.


I invite everyone interested to submit a recommendation to the committee before December 28, 2018 to the Clerk of the committee, Ms. Christine LaFrance at Submissions can be any length and would be most helpful to include a separate list of recommendations you would like to make to the Government of Canada. Please copy me on your submission at


If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact my Parliamentary office at 613-992-1812.


Thank you for your participation and assistance on this initiative – for trade to truly work for all Canadians, it is vital that the government not simply sign agreements and then walk away.


The federal government has a significant role to play to provide comprehensive support and well-funded infrastructure to our businesses, workers, producers and manufacturers so they may access the benefits of these trade agreements.




Tracey Ramsey