Essex Member of Parliament and the NDP International Trade Critic Tracey Ramsey is in Washington, DC with the Standing Committee on International Trade for the next three days. As part of her work with the committee and in her role as Vice Chair, MP Ramsey will be attending various meetings with key stakeholders and American legislators over the next few days in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the future of the new NAFTA deal and the ongoing steel and aluminum tariffs.

 “Our relationship with the US has been strained under the Trump Administration, but it is more important than ever to maintain strong ties with our counterparts across the border. Together we need to work towards trade that is stable, prosperous and progressive. This visit is an opportunity to raise the concerns of people in Windsor-Essex who are impacted by the new NAFTA deal and steel and aluminum tariffs,” said Ramsey. 

 Ramsey and the Trade Committee will be meeting with:

-officials from the Canadian Embassy, for an update on the Canada-US relationship,

-members of the Congressional Steel Caucus and Aluminum Caucus to discuss the illegal tariffs imposed on Canada,

-members of the Northern Border Caucus to address key border issues,

-the Ways and Means Sub-committee on Trade to discuss the ongoing NAFTA ratification process and discussions about NAFTA in the US, and

-members of the Democrat Coalition Trade Task Force to talk about the future of trade between Canada and the US.