Read my updates on NAFTA here  including notices, press releases and statements.

The people of Essex – like many Canadians – are worried about their jobs, their businesses and our communities. Over the life of NAFTA, the Windsor automotive industry, one that I worked in for 20 years, has been hit hard by unfair labour practices, unbalanced government procurement policies, weak environmental standards, agricultural manipulation, and unethical, unjustifiable and unequitable distribution of power.

The Liberal government has an obligation to negotiate a new deal that is fair for Canadians. They also have an obligation to be more transparent with Parliamentarians and Canadians going forward.

What New Democrats are looking for from NAFTA:

  • Protection of jobs
  • Defence of our supply management system
  • Improvement and equalization of Labour rights and standards
  • Chapters on Gender Equality and Indigenous Rights
  • Elimination of Chapter 11 – ISDS provisions
  • Stronger enforcement of Environmental Standards        and protection against sale of our water
  • Elimination of NAFTA’s Energy Proportionality provisions
  • Protection of our Intellectual Property and Privacy rights
  • Equal access to government procurement 

Canadians deserve a better deal and we cannot allow the fear of no deal interfere with our need to get the best possible deal. NAFTA in its current form doesn’t work for all Canadians – but we have a unique opportunity to change that. NAFTA renegotiations are an opportunity to promote more sustainable and equitably shared economic prosperity.

We have the chance to establish a truly progressive, fair trade agreement that is for all Canadians, all workers – not just one that drastically increases the profits for corporations. It must tackle things like currency manipulation, labour rights, gender and indigenous equality, human rights and environmental protections. It can establish a new standard for consultation, inclusivity, collaboration and transparency. Above all else, the needs of people must be the priority for NAFTA. We should accept no less.