“New Democrats are pleased that the government has finally listened and taken a first step towards protecting Canada’s steel sector by introducing legislation that changes the timing of imposition of a second round of safeguards beyond the current narrow window.
The Liberals failed to listen to producers, workers and the NDP who were calling on them to act before the April deadline. Now they must not only quickly pass this legislation, but urgently follow it with the imposition of additional provisional safeguards.
While these provisional safeguards are satisfactory, the NDP has called on the Liberal government and the Minister of Finance to put permanent safeguard measures in place for over a year to provide more stability to an already shaken and targeted industry. Canadian workers and producers are being placed at risk due to the Liberal government’s decision to allow safeguards to expire on several types of steel products earlier this spring.
The measure proposed by the Minister of Finance is incomplete without the imposition of, at the very least, provisional safeguards over the five of seven remaining unprotected steel product categories listed by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT).
Today, Canadian steel producers generate over $14 billion in annual sales, contribute $4.2 billion to Canada’s GDP, while supporting over 22,000 direct and 100,000+ indirect jobs through nineteen facilities across five provinces.
New Democrats have been sounding the alarm for years to address the very real problem of cheap, dirty foreign steel, directly or indirectly entering the North American market, including increasing resources to the CBSA to investigate and respond to the increased dumping of products. Canada cannot be a dumping ground for foreign steel that hurts our workers and industry.
Yesterday’s legislation is the first of many actions that the Liberals must implement quickly to protect good jobs and the communities who depend on them."