Today, NDP MP Tracey Ramsey (Essex), Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee for International Trade, together with her opposition colleagues, sent a letter to the Clerk of the Committee requesting an emergency meeting in response to the signing of the United States-Mexico- Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the illegal American steel and aluminum tariffs that still remain in place; the committee’s key witness, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


“On Friday, Canadians saw our Prime Minister sign the USMCA, giving up any leverage we had with President Trump to finally remove the devastating tariffs on our steel and aluminum industries, and they need an answer as to why. Significant changes were made during the legal scrubbing of the final text of the USMCA and the government has not addressed the concerns of the supply managed sector, who are affected by these changes,” said Ramsey.

 Ramsey continued to explain, “New Democrats have repeatedly called on the Liberals to stand up to Trump and provide clear leadership on this issue for the sake of our workers, our small businesses and communities who rely on these key sectors.  By calling for an emergency committee meeting, we can directly ask our Prime Minister to explain his actions.”

 “Canadians need a strong government to stand up for their priorities when dealing with the Trump administration, our Prime Minister made a serious decision in signing the agreement with tariffs in place and now owes Canadians an explanation,” declared Ramsey.